Weekly Pool Service

Each visit include:

  • Cleaning of skimmers, skimmer baskets, and pump strainer baskets
  • Skim pool surface water of floating debris
  • Backwash filters as required
  • Clean waterline as necessary
  • Test water chemistry and record
  • Supply required chemicals
  • Inspect all swimming pool equipment

    Salt Pools include;

  • Salinity level measurement and adjustment
  • Chlorine stabilizer measurement and adjustment
  • Periodic inspection & cleaning of the chlorine generator manifold strainer screen
  • Periodic inspection & cleaning of chlorine generator sensor and cell
  • services we offer:

    New Pools

    PT Pools & Ponds provides the ultimate attention to detail and precision in designing and constructing custom vinyl in-ground swimming pools. Let PT design the pool of your dreams, each with custom-fit vinyl liners.

    New Liners

    Tired of that old, faded and torn liner? Old liners are prone to leaks, and leaks in your liner will compromise the integrity of your pool! Instill your trust in the personal touch of PT Pools & Ponds to replace your liner.

    Weekly Service

    Maintenance of a pool is a fairly simple thing, but it is a routine that must be followed religiously if you want to get the utmost benefit out of your pool.

    Leak Detection

    Tired of constantly filling your pool with water?

    Having a leak in your pool can cost more than your time and energy. If a pool loses water, thus leaving the pump starved for water that’s when the problems occur. Pumps running without the proper flow of water can breakdown and be deemed not repairable.