PT Pools and Ponds Leak Detection

Tired of constantly filling your pool with water?

Having a leak in your pool can cost more than your time and energy. If a pool loses water, thus leaving the pump starved for water that’s when the problems occur. Pumps running without the proper flow of water can breakdown and be deemed not repairable.

At PT Pools we find and repair leaks quickly! Let us detect the problem and provide you with alternate solutions that best fit your needs, at the same time saving you money on costly and preventable future repairs.

If we can eliminate all above ground water loss scenarios, a pressure test allows us to induce water or air pressure into your underground filtration system without the need to excavate in order to determine the location of the problem. With a pressure test we can isolate any part of the system to determine which section is losing pressure, therefore losing water. Once we’ve isolated the leaking line or lines we then use our state of the art sonic listening equipment to narrow down the location of the leak in the plumbing line. From that point we can make the decision to either repair or replace the faulty line.

Don't put this type of repair off! Fixing leaks now can save YOU money and headaches in the future.