NEW POOLS: New Custom Vinyl In-ground Pools

Do you want to live longer? There are a number of health benefits of swimming including increased energy, an increase in muscle tone and strength, improved flexibility, and a healthier heart. Swimming also can reduce your chances of diabetes, it can lower stress levels and also improve your mood. There is no better way to get healthy and fit in the summer season here on Long Island than swimming in your very own pool built by us, here at PT Pools.

PT Pools & Ponds provides the ultimate attention to detail and precision in designing and constructing custom vinyl in-ground swimming pools. Let PT design the pool of your dreams, each with custom-fit vinyl liners. PT provides the personal touch behind the perfect pool. We use galvanized steel and “A” frame bracing at every joining seem. Our pool structures are supported with at least a 6-8” deep and 2’ wide concrete footing around the perimeter of the pool. All of our pools are plumbed completely in 2" schedule 40 rigid PVC pipe.

In addition, with a new pool our customers will receive a new 1.5 hp pump, a properly sized filter and multiport, an in-line chlorinator, a ladder,an underwater light fixture, rope and floats, eyeballs for all returns along with all valves, unions, adapters and fittings. At our customers request we can add on any additional heaters, salt systems, water features, slides, hand rails, dive boards, and any additional pumps and filters necessary.

Upon completion of every pool PT builds the owner will personally deliver a pool maintenance kit which includes all necessary equipment to vacuum and maintain a clean pool. Also at this time every customer is given a hands-on lesson in using this equipment and how to install and remove it properly.

There is no better way to enjoy the summer season here on Long Island than with your very own in-ground swimming pool. Whether it be entertaining friends and family, exercising, or just relaxing in the tranquility of your own backyard oasis, let PT Pools build your very own vacation destination and provide your family with years of enjoyment.