Tired of that old, faded and torn liner? Old liners are prone to leaks, and leaks in your liner will compromise the integrity of your pool! Instill your trust in the personal touch of PT Pools & Ponds to replace your liner.

Liner BeforeLiner After

PT will bring your pool back to life! Our liner replacements are meticulously measured to ensure the perfect fit and prolonged life of your new vinyl liner. The old liner will be removed from the pool, the sand resurfaced, and new foam padding will be added to the walls if necessary. In addition our customers will receive all new gaskets faceplates, and stainless steel screws. In most cases this job is completed in one day.

We provide free estimates for all liner replacements as well as an assessment of your pool’s liner track: an important piece in maintaining the integrity of a new liner. The liner track is just that a ”track” on the surface of the pool in which the liner is hung from. Over time this important piece of the pool can be damaged or just “stretched out” due to inferior quality materials used. If this in fact does need to be replaced, rest assured that only the highest quality materials will be used in the replacement of this track and all new liners will be properly installed. Upon completion of the installation of a new liner all garbage and debris will be taken away at no extra charge.